Saturday, 1 August 2020

Reading Theme of August, 2020

Castles, Cottages, and Other Cribs
Castelul Bran2.jpg
Bran Castle, aka presumably Dracula's castle, in Romania

The dice (with only five sides) has been rolled, and this time it revealed to us the number 3. We haven't had a cover detail (besides colour) since last year, so I'm happy we got it now in August. It's time to read a book with some sort of building on the cover. It can be a tower, an apartment complex, a Las Vegas casino, a cabin, or even the Eiffel Tower. The rules are that it's an actual building, and not for example a space ship, boat, or other type of transformation thingy. Besides that, the limits are pretty much up to you and what you'd classify as a building (feel free to look up a definition of the word if that might spark your imagination).
"Cover Detail - Building" will now be replaced by "First Name as Last Name".

  1. Revisit Author
  2. Favourite Song
  3. Cover Detail - Building
  4. Gift
  5. Highest Rated

I want to apologize for there not being a green pic with the list of themes in this post. The reason it's gone is because it's too much trouble making them (somehow I've made things really difficult for myself), so I'll just write out instead what the themes were.

Get ready for some juicy recommendations for books with buildings on the cover:
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As always, I'll be looking for something to pick up as well. Here's a selection from my TBR:
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I'm curious about most of the options I have this month. Once again, this is a theme that pretty much transcends genres, because it's just a cover detail, and I really like that. I hope you find something you're excited to read this month. Maybe with a pyramid on the cover, even? Is that a building? Whatever you choose to read, I hope you enjoy it.
Happy reading!

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